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Lap Counter

A lap counter to keep track of multiple athletes' laps remaining in track races.

A helpful lap counter utility designed to keep track of multiple athletes' numbers of laps remaining during track middle- and long- distance races.


Just enter vest numbers for all athletes, start the timer and press the relevant buttons as athletes cross the line. Remaining laps are tracked and displayed for all athletes, with second-granularity per-athlete times for when each lap was finished.



- No limit to the number of athletes who can be tracked simultaneously

- Set lap count to 2 (800m), 3 (1500m), 7 (3000m), 12 (5000m) or 25 (10000m)

- Undo button in case you pressed a button for the wrong athlete

- 40-second per-athlete timeout preventing accidental double-counting of laps

- Buttons change colour as the number of laps decreases

- Buttons darken when they have been recently pressed


This app was developed using Corona SDK.

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