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The classic, cellular automaton devised by John Horton Conway.

Watch digital life evolve into beautiful and interesting sequences. Conway's Game of Life follows simple rules, but can result in unexpectedly complex patterns.


The standard format involves an infinite grid of square 'cells', with some squares initially 'alive' and the rest 'dead'. At each step and for each cell one of four things can happen, based on the number of neighbour cells that are alive at the time:

-  A dead cell remains dead (default)

-  Life spawns in a dead cell, when dead cell has 3 live neighbours

-  A live cell survives, when the live cell has 2 or 3 live neighbours

-  A live cell dies (default)

You can also set up custom rules.


Simply touch a cell to toggle its state between dead and alive. You can also drag to apply this same state to a large number of cells. Manually changing the state of a cell pauses time for a while, so that you can make all of the changes you want before the cells are automatically updated.


Once you've found an interesting configuration, you can save it for later to show to your friends.


This app was developed using Corona SDK.


You can pinch to zoom out, stretch to zoom in or drag two fingers to pan the screen.


You can save configurations locally to your device. Some well-known, interesting configurations are provided with the app.

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Conway's Game of Life


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