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Test your reactions.  Hit targets before they disappear, building up long combos as the speed increases. The music develops along with your combo, adding to the pressure.


Tap the targets as they appear to score points. The longer your combo, the more points you get per target. You will lose your combo if you tap the background or don't tap a target before it disappears.


As you build up combos, the music builds up in layers to match the tension. New targets will appear and disappear more quickly, so you have to be quick to keep your combo going.


The game can be played in a variety of modes:

-  Endless mode lets you see how big a combo and score you can get with no constraints

-  Lives mode gives you a fixed number of lives, which can be added to by getting large scores

-  Time mode gives you a fixed time, which can be extended by getting long combos

This game was developed using Corona SDK.


All music and sound effects were created by Erim Ahmet.

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