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Pelagic Games is an indie game development studio based in London, making games for mobile platforms.


I started the company because I've been developing games as a hobby for years, and thought this would be a good way to have those games played by other people, and also to give me a push to actually finish making the games.


Oh, and in case you're wondering where the name Pelagic Games comes from, I actually just picked it from a shortlist of 'cool' words I'd written down that weren't at the time associated with games companies. Apparently at least one other group of indie developers thought it was a good name too.

About Pelagic Games

Development and Gaming Principles

-  Games should be fun, and not just a way to make money

-  Adverts are annoying

-  Free games should be free to play

    =  no forced time-outs with charges to carry on playing

    =  no severe playing restriction without in-app purchases

-  Games should be won through skill and effort (and maybe some luck)

-  No premium-only in-game currencies

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