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Collect Coins

A retro arcade game, where the aim is to collect as many coins as you can.

You are Mr Blue, and you have invented the Banach-Tarski coin duplicator for altruistic purposes. Whenever there are no more coins on screen the device creates more based on the number you have collected so far.


You must collect as many coins as you can to pay off government taxes for 25 levels, and then you will be awarded a large research grant, but the evil Red Square Corporation has sent along some of their own agents to collect coins before you can get them, and in later levels they even call in help from the Orange Assassins' Guild. Fortunately your friends in R&D have created some helpful power-ups to speed you up, stop time or magnetically attract coins.


Complete harder difficulties to get exponentially larger prize grants.



Use the analogue wheel to guide Mr Blue to the coins. Every time the screen is cleared of coins more coins will appear, with the number appearing based on the difficulty, level and number of coins collected so far.


There are 25 levels of 1 minute. You must collect at least as many coins as the amount of tax indicated before the time runs out, with any extras going toward your bank balance. The amount of tax increases with level and difficulty. You can safely travel past the Red Square Corporation agents, but you must avoid the Orange Assassins. Complete all 25 levels to get a large number of coins, with each subsequent difficulty multiplying the prize by 5. You begin each game with at least 3 lives, but can buy more in the pause menu with collected coins.


The power-ups available have the following effects, and last for 15 seconds:

-  Green = double speed

-  Light blue = freeze all enemies and the timer (you must still avoid the Orange Assassins)

-  White = coin magnet

Power-ups cannot be collected by enemies, and appear after 30 seconds.


The game begins with one difficulty level, but more can be unlocked in the pause menu using the same coins you collect in-game.

This game was originally developed as part of the first Corona Blitz, with the theme collect. It was developed using Corona SDK.


All features can be accessed by completing the game and spending the coins you collect.  The only in-app purchases that require real money are to purchase additional coins, but you can also gain large numbers of coins by completing the game on harder difficulties.


The analogue wheel only affects direction, not speed. It appears in the lower right of the screen by default, but can be switched to the lower left by rotating the screen. Note that some devices have a built-in feature that rotates the image without switching the location of the analogue wheel. To move the analogue wheel for these devices, simply exit the app without closing (e.g. press the home button) and reopen it after rotating your device.


All music and sound effects were created by Erim Ahmet.

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