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Test your vocabulary. Given a definition, can you work out what word is the solution?


You are given a dictionary definition and a selection of letters, and must work out what word can be made from these letters that fits the definition. Some are easy, but others will have you scratching your head for a while. See if you can beat your friends, or even solve them all.


Tap letters to fill in the blanks from left to right. Tap letters you've already selected to remove them from those you've already selected. Keep going until you have filled in the correct word.


More difficult words and definitions are unlocked as you go, with more difficult words giving you more coins to spend on hints later on. You can use the following hints if you have enough coins:

-  Free letter fills in a random correct letter in the word

-  Free vowels fills in all of the correct vowels in the word and eliminates all incorrect vowels from the selection

-  Eliminate letters removes all of the incorrect letters from the selection

-  Complete word shows you the correct solution

You can also pass difficult words, but they will eventually be shown to you again. You get a free pass for every 5 words you get correct and can buy more using in-game coins.

This game was developed using Corona SDK.


Words and definitions are selected randomly from those that have been unlocked and haven't yet been solved. Some words have multiple definitions. All definitions are British English and are taken from free online dictionary resources provided by Oxford Dictionaries.


The list of words was chosen by selecting random articles from Wikipedia and using all of the words in the first paragraph of each article. The extra letters in the selections given are selected randomly, with probabilities based on how common they are in English words. If you pass a definition then the next time you see it the letter selection may be different, but if you simply close the app and come back to it the letter selection will be the same, so you can't cheat to work out what letters are in a word.


The only in-app purchases that require real money are to purchase additional coins. These are the same coins you get for correct solutions, and you can always just ask your friends for help or pass the word.

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